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Semi Truck Suspension Repair Orlando, FL

We are Orlando’s number one choice for commercial truck repair and maintenance services. Our ASE certified technicians have the experience and training to keep your truck on the road and running safely.

From shock deterioration to air suspension complications to faulty ball joints, truck suspensions are susceptible to considerable wear and tear. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to rectify these issues and restore your truck’s smooth ride.

One prevalent challenge in commercial truck suspension systems is shock failure. Over time, the shocks undergo wear and tear, causing the truck to exhibit excessive bouncing on rough roads. Given the significant safety implications, prompt replacement of worn-out shocks is imperative.

Air suspension issues represent another common concern with truck suspensions. While air suspensions are designed to adjust the truck’s ride height, they may occasionally fail, resulting in the truck sitting too low or too high. This not only compromises driving comfort but can also lead to tire-related complications.

Bad ball joints present yet another frequent problem in truck suspensions. Serving as the connection between the suspension and the wheels, ball joints can wear out over time. This wear and tear can induce shaking or wobbling while driving and contribute to premature tire wear.

The good news is that all these issues can be addressed with relative ease. Shock replacement is a straightforward process, and air suspension problems often find resolution by adjusting the air levels. As for ball joint concerns, they can be effectively remedied by replacing the worn-out joints with new ones. Rest assured, your truck can be back on the road, riding smoothly, after these targeted repairs.


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If you’re having trouble with your commercial truck’s suspension near Orlando, FL give Top Rides a call at (407) 591-6747. We’ll dispatch one of our mobile trucks to your site and fix whatever is wrong.

Victor RusuVictor Rusu
19:34 30 Nov 23
The best full service shop in orlando . they have towing for trucks and very good electric guy
Vasile StrimbanuVasile Strimbanu
19:32 30 Nov 23
Got a great service. They fix my EGR issue that caused DPF derate Definitely recommend
18:03 09 Nov 23
Great shop, great and professional stuff. Always on time. Highly recommended
serg koserg ko
22:21 06 Nov 23
Excellent service
adriel lovettadriel lovett
19:19 06 Nov 23
I have brought my truck here several times for different repairs and have never been disappointed. The staff here is very thorough and great with troubleshooting. If your looking for quality service and honesty, look no further. Great people!
trueee Seeeshtrueee Seeesh
21:29 13 Dec 22
I’ve had a problem with my Transmission on my Volvo which is 2019, they found the problem within 30 mins and had great successes to solve it.Thank you once again for a great service!
Mark AnthonyMark Anthony
14:07 05 Dec 22
Owner and staff are super knowledgeable and friendly and trustworthyThank you once again, for a great road service!! 10/10